VOLUME (2D – 3D) 2h 15 min. € 95

VOLUME (4D – 5D) 2h 30 min. € 105

VOLUME (6D-10D) € 135


Formation extension de cils

6 mois de formation guidés par un Master, avec un suivi personnalisé, afin de perfectionner votre technique


LUNDI – VENDREDI  9.00 – 19:00

SAMEDI Sur Rendez-Vous




Prices and services we offer

VOLUME (2D – 3D) 2h 15 min. € 95
VOLUME (4D – 5D) 2h 30 min. € 105
VOLUME (6D-10D) 2h 40 min. € 135

6 mois de formation guidés par un Master, avec un suivi personnalisé, afin de perfectionner votre technique

LUNDI – VENDREDI 9.00 – 19:00
SAMEDI Sur Rendez-Vous

Our wonderful photos for you

NEBULIZER! What is this?

A nebulizer is a portable eyelash nanohumidifier that sprays fine particles of purified water and accelerates the complete polymerization of the glue. When extending synthetic eyelashes, a special glue is used, which, under normal conditions, absorbs moisture during the polymerization process for approximately 24 hours.

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Master Deniz in the process of creating beautiful eyebrows🫶🏼
Welcome to our salon ❤️

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Eyelash lamination ✨ ...

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Master An 🫶🏼 ...

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Eyelash lamination aesthetic 👌🏼
Welcome to our salon❤️

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Eyelash extensions ✨ ...

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Olga Eyes Beauty is about self-love🫶🏼

Quality work and great results are what we strive for in working with every client

We are waiting for you ❤️

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Eyebrows lamination (lifting) ✨

🖤Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows is a prominent representative of procedures that provide not only the effect of instant transformation, but also long-term results. This technique has become popular due to its ability to make the face brighter and more expressive

🖤Eyebrow lamination is the same as long-term styling, which allows you to fix the hairs in the desired position, give a beautiful shape to unruly eyebrows and eliminate the need to use fixing gels every day. For the next month, your eyebrows will look freshly combed - and very natural❣️

🖤The procedure usually consists of three stages: first, a softening composition is applied to the eyebrows, which opens the hair scales, and is fixed with a transparent film to prevent contact with air. The skin may become red, but the redness usually goes away after 15 minutes🤍

🖤The second stage of the procedure is the actual fixation. The composition will be applied to the eyebrows, then the desired shape will be given to them - and left like that for a while. When the composition is washed off, the hairs will remain in the same position.

🖤The third stage is shaping and coloring. The master works with the hairs, trying not to touch the skin, due to which the result looks very natural, and the eyebrows take on a completely new look

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Master Deniz ✨ ...

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We are looking for models for eyelash extensions from master Deniz❣️
Price only 45 euros 🔥
This price cannot be found anywhere else

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Our beautiful client ❤️ ...

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Every woman should feel like a goddess and that’s a fact❤️
Olga Eyes Beauty salon will help you feel 100%🔥

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Eyelash lamination ✨ ...

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With love to other clients ❤️ ...

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Eyebrows lamination and eyelash lamination ✨

Do you want the same?
Welcome to Olga Eyes Beauty salon❤️

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Master An in the process of creating beauty 💋 ...

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Your master Deniz 🤍 ...

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Dear wonderful salon clients,

We wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support and trust in our salon. Your loyalty and patronage mean the world to us, and we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Thank you for choosing us for your beauty needs, for allowing us to pamper you, and for being a part of our salon family. Your smiles, kind words, and satisfaction are the greatest rewards for our hard work.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional service and a relaxing experience every time you visit us. Thank you for being amazing clients!

Warmest regards,
your Olga Eyes Beauty salon❤️

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Few Quotes

from our clients

I really recommend for eyelashes, brow coloration and sugaring. I come here often. I like the atmosphere of the salon it is fancy and very cosy. They always ask me if I want to drink something which is often not the case in other salons. This salon is inspired on the salons in Russia, normal because all the ladies speak russia

I am quite happy with the service I got from Natalia (permanent make-up of eyebrows and lips). She is just perfect, very professional! And real perfectionniste 🙂 what is very important quality for beauty industry. Just highly recommended! Also I would like to mention friendly atmosphere created by Olga and the team. The salon itself is pretty and clean. The chairs are comfortable as well.

Service super professionnel équipe au top je recommande vivement moi qui va souvent pour cils sourcils pieds mains reste tjrs une joie d y aller.

Je suis toujours ravie du travail qu'elle fait sur mes cils j'en ai tester pas mal auparavant et c est la meilleure aucun problème je vous conseil ce salon.

#perfectbrows #instaface #sourcilshenne #olgacils


Nouveaux tarifs à partir de JANVIER 2024

VOLUM 1D-3D – 95€ MASTER :
– An, Kristina, Natasha, Paria
VOLUM 1D-3D – 105 € TOP MASTER: OLJA, Olga
VOLUM 4D-5D – 105€ MASTER:
– An, Kristina, Natasha, Paria
VOLUM 6D-10D – 135€ MASTER:
–  An, Kristina, Natasha, Paria
VOLUM 6D-10D – 140 € TOP MASTER: OLJA, Olga
Irina (Manucure/ Épilation RDV par tel: +352621663420)
Natalia ( Manucure/Mace-up permanent RDV par tel:+352621463193)