VOLUME (2D – 3D) 2h 15 min. € 93

VOLUME (4D – 5D) 2h 30 min. € 103

VOLUME (6D-10D) € 133


Formation extension de cils

6 mois de formation guidés par un Master, avec un suivi personnalisé, afin de perfectionner votre technique


LUNDI – VENDREDI  9.00 – 19:00

SAMEDI Sur Rendez-Vous




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VOLUME (2D – 3D) 2h 15 min. € 93
VOLUME (4D – 5D) 2h 30 min. € 103
VOLUME (6D-10D) 2h 40 min. € 133

6 mois de formation guidés par un Master, avec un suivi personnalisé, afin de perfectionner votre technique

LUNDI – VENDREDI 9.00 – 19:00
SAMEDI Sur Rendez-Vous

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Brush for eyelashes ❓
The separation of the bristles allows you to accurately follow the shape of the eyebrows and eyelashes and efficiently comb each hair, preventing their loss, tangling and fragility. Typically, such brushes are made of elastomer, due to which they are flexible

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I received this gift from my team on my birthday💋
Do you like it?

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❗️Why do you need markings for eyelash extensions?❗️
Today, for most masters, marking is just a “sketch” that allows you to form a picture of the extension in your head

In the case of eyelashes, there is no single scheme that would ideally suit everyone.

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Eyelash extensions 🔥 ...

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Aesthetic ✨ ...

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⚫️Eyebrow care: tips | recommendations⚫️ PART 2

☑️Step 4: Moisturize and nourish eyebrows.
Like the hair on your head, your eyebrows also need to be moisturized and nourished. Use special brow oils or natural oils such as castor or coconut to keep them healthy. Apply the oil to your eyebrows before bed, leave it on overnight to allow the nutrients to penetrate the skin, and wash your face in the morning.

☑️Step 5: Protect your eyebrows from external influences.
It is important to protect eyebrows from environmental influences, especially during the period of eyebrow care after correction or long-term styling. When you use cosmetics, make sure they do not contain harsh chemicals that may harm your eyebrows.

🩷Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows are a real work of art, and we want to share with you a few life hacks that will help you maintain their perfect condition.🩷

Eyebrow massage to improve blood circulation
Start your eyebrow care with a massage. Gentle movements of the fingertips stimulate blood circulation and promote the penetration of nutrients into the hair follicles. Massage for a few minutes every day to strengthen your eyebrows and stimulate their growth.

Using essential oils to maintain healthy eyebrows
Essential oils have unique properties and can perfectly complement your eyebrow care.

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What tools does an eyebrow artist need?🤔

The minimum set of eyebrow tools includes the following items:
- tweezers made of high quality steel;
- conveniently shaped scissors;
- eyebrow tinting brushes
- brushes for fine lines and makeup;
- eyebrow ruler and/or Leonardo compass;
- containers for mixing dyes;
- threads for threading and marking;
- dyes, henna and much more…

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⚫️Eyebrow care. Tips and tricks Part 1⚫️

Beautifully shaped eyebrows and daily eyebrow care instantly give your face a well-groomed and neat look, even without makeup.

Just like any other part of the body, regular eyebrow care will help keep your eyebrows healthy and beautiful.

☑️Step 1. Cleansing.
Before you start caring for your eyebrows, you need to ensure that the skin around them is clean. Daily cleansing will get rid of excess fat, dirt and makeup residues. Use a gentle cleansing gel or foam and gently massage into the skin around your eyebrows. After this, pat the area dry with a soft towel.

☑️Step 2. Strengthening and stimulating eyebrow growth.
Regular strengthening and stimulation of growth will help make eyebrows thicker and more voluminous. Use special serums or oils that are enriched with nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants. Apply the product as a treatment after styling your brows, gently massaging the skin with your fingertips to ensure better absorption.

☑️Step 3. Eyebrow care after removing excess hair.
After removing excess hair with tweezers or another tool, pay special attention to eyebrow care. Soothing aloe vera gel or rosehip oil can help soothe irritation and prevent inflammation. As a post-correction eyebrow treatment, apply a small amount to the treated area and allow the skin to calm down.

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Eyelash lamination ✨ ...

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Les experts disent que ce sont les sourcils qui définissent la géométrie de l’ensemble du visage et constituent la base de toute image. La perception du visage et son aspect soigné dépendent de l’apparence des sourcils.👌🏼

Les tendances de ces dernières années ont encouragé les filles à choisir une forme, une teinte et une épaisseur de sourcils naturelles. Cependant, pour qu’un tel naturel paraisse soigné et attrayant, cela demande beaucoup de travail.

Même si vous êtes fan de l’aspect naturel des sourcils, vous ne pouvez pas éviter des soins réguliers pour la correction de la couleur et de la forme.

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Eyelash lamination…✨ ...

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Eyelash lamination ✨ ...

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What’s more important?

We want to answer this question and the first thing we would like to say is: YOU CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN❗️
This post is about how important eyelashes and eyebrows are to us.

Eyebrows are an integral part of our face.
At a minimum, eyebrows shade the eyes from the light falling from above and protect from sweat, etc. At a maximum, eyebrows are our beauty. Eyebrows can be used to create an expressive look and much more.

Eyelashes are also an integral part of the face.
At a minimum, eyelashes act as filters that keep dust out and protect the eyes from foreign bodies that could obstruct vision, cause infection or injury.
As a maximum, eyelashes help us highlight our eyes, open our eyes, visually lift the eyelid and much more.

That’s why when you sign up for eyelashes at our salon, think about eyebrows too 🖤

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Eyelash extensions 😍 ...

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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen our tassels on your Instagram feed☺️ ...

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❗️Advantages of eyelash lamination: healthy and beautiful eyelashes❗️

Main effects of lamination:

-beautiful natural shine;
-pronounced curve and more open look;
-visual lengthening and volume;
-hairs become stronger, more resilient, and thicker;
-the skin around the eyes is nourished with beneficial components

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⭕️Why are patches needed for eyelash extensions?🚫

You've probably noticed that when you come for eyelash extensions or lamination, they stick special patches on your lower eyelid 👁

So what is this for?

✨During procedures, patches are used to isolate the lower eyelashes
✨Helps prevent burns
✨Protects from allergic reactions and mechanical damage
✨The main advantage of patches is that no chemical compounds used in various procedures penetrate through them
✨They are applied to the lower eyelid area

❗I use only proven and high-quality materials, since the thin skin around the eyes is very easy to injure☝🏻

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Lash extensions ✨
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⭕️Why clean your eyelashes before applying extensions?⭕️

Before extensions, you MUST prepare your natural eyelashes for the process!

Firstly, as we have known since childhood, hygiene is the key to health, and secondly, the better the surface for gluing is cleaned, the better the glue holds.

The first stage is removing makeup.

The main function for which a degreaser is needed in the extension procedure is that the drug thoroughly cleans the eyelashes of any particles that could interfere with the ideal adhesion of the glue when attaching an artificial hair or bundle.

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Come to our salon for eyelash lamination 🥰 ...

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Few Quotes

from our clients

I really recommend for eyelashes, brow coloration and sugaring. I come here often. I like the atmosphere of the salon it is fancy and very cosy. They always ask me if I want to drink something which is often not the case in other salons. This salon is inspired on the salons in Russia, normal because all the ladies speak russia

I am quite happy with the service I got from Natalia (permanent make-up of eyebrows and lips). She is just perfect, very professional! And real perfectionniste 🙂 what is very important quality for beauty industry. Just highly recommended! Also I would like to mention friendly atmosphere created by Olga and the team. The salon itself is pretty and clean. The chairs are comfortable as well.

Service super professionnel équipe au top je recommande vivement moi qui va souvent pour cils sourcils pieds mains reste tjrs une joie d y aller.

Je suis toujours ravie du travail qu'elle fait sur mes cils j'en ai tester pas mal auparavant et c est la meilleure aucun problème je vous conseil ce salon.

#perfectbrows #instaface #sourcilshenne #olgacils


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VOLUM 4D-5D – 103€ MASTER:
– Natalia, OLJA, Kristina, NATASHA
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VOLUM 6D-10D – 133€ MASTER:
–  Natalia, OLJA, Kristina, NATASHA
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